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"I couldn't find a cookie that actually tasted good, without junk ingredients. So, I made my own."



Our mission is to provide delicious and nutritious gluten-free and vegan cookies to the world. We believe everyone should be able to enjoy cookies without sacrificing taste or health. Our products are creatively made with love and quality ingredients in small batches at our facility in California. We take pride in ensuring that our cookies taste fabulous with less sugar than leading brands, are not only gluten-free, but plant based, non GMO and made without artificial flavors or preservatives. We strive to make sure our customers can feel good about the treats they eat.

The kitchen has always been a big part of my life. As a young girl, I loved to work with my great-uncle who ran a family bakery. We spent many happy days together mixing ingredients and producing wonderful baked goods. As a teenager, I took the time to write down his recipes and still use many of these family treasures today. I have always enjoyed hosting gatherings of friends and family. I remember an evening in 2008 when a friend noticed a framed sign in my living room which reads “Life is Short – Eat Cookies!” and lamented that she couldn’t even find one that she could eat! The conversation turned to the lack of healthy, good tasting cookies available to consumers who suffered from food allergies such as gluten or dairy intolerance. I thought about my friend’s dilemma and set out to create a cookie that was not too sweet, gluten-free, vegan and casein-free, didn’t contain soy products, but still tasted great and used the best ingredients available. My goal was to develop cookies that are satisfying and healthy at the same time. It brings me great joy to share them with you today. Our cookies can be enjoyed anytime as a simple snack or with coffee or tea. They make a great light end to a meal, or a fun way to start the day crumbled on yogurt. They are the perfect choice for those seeking a healthier snack and for those with specific dietary restrictions. Life is short – eat cookies! ​ ​ ​ ​



We are a family business, 3 passionate minds with different skillsets and backgrounds that have come together to build Kriks. We truly believe we have a unique cookie and are eager to share with the world. Hripsime, our founder, a former architect, has enjoyed a life long joy for cooking, baking and passion for developing new recipes. While being an expert in traditional Mediterranean recipes, she often experiments adjusts traditional recipes to be accessible to people with certain dietary restrictions.  Her son Aram, a former mechanical engineer, inherited the passion for baking from his mother, Hripsime. A hobby he is finally able to dedicate to full time. His skillsets founding and running various aerospace companies transfer into the unique needs of the food manufacturing industry. Working closely with Hripsime in recipe development and manufacturing. And last but not least, Aram's wife, Nubia. An industrial designer with an eye for curating experiences. Her background in Automotive consists of crafting experiences through branding, graphics, colors, materials.

We put a lot of thought and love into every cookie we develop and make so that it's perfect for you.

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